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Well, here are a few. I'm sure there's more.

  • Olivia's mom left her family in the book, but in the movie, her mom died.
  • Stella's last name is Penn according to the book.
  • Charlie and Wen didn't play the drums and keyboard in the book. Instead, Wen plays trumpet, Charlie plays percussion. 
  • Mo gets in trouble for making out with Scott instead of skipping class.
  • Sydney is 26 not 28.
  • In the book Sydney's hair is black and in the movie her hair is brown.
  • Stella's shirt has hand prints on her breasts instead of the words "Question Authority".
  • In the book Stella played a ukulele and Mo played the traditional bass.
  • In the book, Wen had a brother named George. In the movie he has a sister named Georgie.
  • Wen had two best friends before Lemonade Mouth but when he asked out one of them, the three of them were no longer friends.
  • Stella had an older sister, a step dad, and twin half-brothers.
  • In the book, the band visits Olivia's dad in jail.
  • Sydney draws nude pictures instead of photographs.
  • Olivia's last name in the book is "Whitehead" but in the movie is "White".
  • In the book, Mo got over Scott and ended up falling and dating Charlie. In the movie, Mo gives Scott another chance and Charlie ends up dating one of his fans.
  • In the book, Olivia is described as overweight and showing no emotion most of the time. In the movie, Olivia is skinny and easily gets visibly nervous.
  • In the book, Lemonade Mouth look at the clouds from Olivia's rooftop. In the movie, Lemonade Mouth looks at the clouds from Olivia's backyard.
  • In the book, the lemonade they drink is frozen, not liquid.
  • In the movie, Scott finds out about Mo in Lemonade Mouth, in a warehouse, but in the book, it is at a beach.
  • In the book, the encounter with Mel doesn't happen.
  • In the book, Charlie's brother Aaron was stillborn and he always finds himself wondering why he was born instead of him.
  • The book takes place in Rhode Island, the movie is shot in New Mexico.
  • Mo's last name in the book is Banerjee but in the movie it is Banjaree.
  • Stella shaved her head and dyed it green, instead of the brown and blonde hair.
  • According to the book, Charlie's last name in the book is Hirsh instead of Delgado.
  • In the movie, Wen get's in trouble for calling his teacher stupid, but in the book, he gets in trouble for swearing.
  • Brenigan was the vice-principal in the book. In the movie he's the principal.

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